This is a little thing I've working on and I can't tell if it's complete garbage or not. I guess it's my take on a riff heavy blues progression song. Keep in mind the rhyming and structure are simple to kind of stick to that genre. Tell me what you think

I'm walkin through water
I'm racin' the coast
I'm chasin' the thing that
I chase most
I'm chasin' you
I'm chasin' you
And though I don't got no time for it
I'm chasin' you

My veins are screamin
To the gods above
And what I'm takin
Lights fire in my blood
I'm takin' you
I'm takin' you
And I ain't no cold turkey cus
I'm takin' you

I'm livin' another
Shameful joke
And it's what I blame
That makes me laugh the most
I'm blamin' you
I'm blamin' you
And though the lie will die in my hands
I'm blamin' you

I found you up north
In a thunderbolt
You struck me deep
And now I hate the cold
I'm hatin' you
I'm hatin' you
And though it won't last for long
I'm hatin' you
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The light just clicked on. Thanks. Really I like it how it is. I'm not seeing anything that I would change.
I like it.. nothing too complicated about it... as a song it's just missing a final dimension.. but it's good