I'm looking for a small 5w tube amp combo. Something that has a nice bluesy sound but also takes kindly to an overdrive pedal to get a more metal tone from it, I also have a fish n chips eq so lack of eq on amp isnt so bad. My budget is about 250 i can stretch it if its worth it.So far I've narrowed it down to these:

Epiphone Valve Junior
Fender Champion
Peavey Valve King Royal 8
Crate V5

I can't try them out because of my location unfortunatly.

Edit: I have a distortion pedal but I hate them, they cover up tone too much. Do I really need one can't I just crank the amp, and add some od? I got a jb/jazz set in my guitar also.
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As far as I know you're not going to get a 5W tube amp that's going to do metal without using a distortion pedal. You can completely forget the Fender and the Epiphone doing metal without a distortion pedal but I don't know about the others.
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With any of those, you're going to want distortion, not an OD pedal.

I'd say either the Crate or the Epi Valve Jr. I'd try to go as boutique as possible with the remaining money...I'm thinking either something like a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde or an MI Audio Crunch Box.
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I'm a big fan of my Crate V18, and I hear good things about the rest of the V series. Definitely get a good distortion for it though. My EHX Metal Muff sounds pretty badass through my V18. Granted, its not the best metal tone, but its a big upgrade from my 10w SS practice amp.
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5W amps aren't really made to do metal, you need pre amp distortion for metal and 5W don't have much of it. You can use an OD or EQ with the level cranked and you might get there but odds are you're not going to get a good metal tone out of one.
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People always tell me I solo like Zakk Wylde. Thats how I know that I suck.
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^No its a 5 watt.

No it's 15w with an 8" speaker. Go check the specks at PV.

Edit: Sorry you are right, my bad. I was thinkin Vypyr
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lol, thats fine everyone makes mistakes.So I'm thinking about going for the royal 8 because of the gain knob so I'm assuming it has a preamp.
Yeah it's got a pre

The ValveKing(R) Royal 8 is a true class A guitar amplifier designed to give players the punchy dynamics and tones that inspired rock 'n' roll's greatest riffs. Perfect for rehearsing, the Royal 8 features a simple interface of a single tone control, dual inputs and master volume and gain controls that can be adjusted for either class A "breakup" power-amp tones-achieved by reducing the gain and increasing the master volume-or preamp distortion, which players can access by reducing the master volume and cranking the gain. This single-channel design emphasizes the dynamic relationship of the power-amp components to produce volume and headroom that belies its small size and wattage
just go used...even if you end up with a crappy 50w valveking its still better for metal than any 5W and you ll prolly bay out the same dough for it.
you need to talk to VJ owners not people who have played them in a store. so many people so OFF.
Vj and pedals all the way.
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Ibanez Valbee, exactly what you're looking for.

Good luck finding one though.
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Crate v18 + od pedal ftw
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