...it would seriously suck. I mean, have you ever looked at the list price for the guitars you own? It's ridiculous.

My guitar (Gibson SG Special) right now costs $1249 on Musician's Friend (Which is pushing it, I got it for $950 with a case after tax from GC a while ago).

But, the list price is a whopping $1,799. Which would seriously suck. If guitars actually cost list price, I wouldn't have been able to afford much more than the mid/upper end Epiphone Les Pauls.

How thankful are the rest of you that guitars don't cost the MSRP?
they sell guitars at list price at this guitar place by my house

every time i go there i'm happy i shop at SAMASH!!!
mine lists for 999, i got it slightly used for 370.

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I'm glad I shop at a comparatively small chain of stores exclusive to the Atlanta area called Ken Stanton. I get awesome deals.
my local shops do list prices and on crap guitars. I don't think any shop in my area has ever had anything better than a standard strat - and there was a big add in local press about it.

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my dot goes for 999 but i got it for 750...could've got it for 599 a few weeks ago.

my mexi strat went for about the same rrp at the time about a grand but i got it for 750 too.

Where can I find 'list' price as the one I'm looking at has no prices on the makers site and my local shop says 899 euro but online from UK its 625 euro delivered. Its a Cort EVL-K6.
My strat's list is $600, I got it used for $220. Depending on what I get once I make up my damn mind, $1,380, $1,165, $1,082 or $860 for my next axe. So yeah, thank god they don't sell there.

To think from another angle though, if every guitar was list, a Fender MIM being "good for $400" would just go to "good for $600". If everything sold for there and never didn't, we'd see them the same way, only more expensive.

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For my 335, Explorer, and Les Paul I'd be in $8,500. Good thing I'm only in $5,100.
Those are the only guitars of mine that I actually paid for myself
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my dean goes for 1500US (im aussie) i got it when our $$ was good for 800 Aus so now that would be like from origional price almost 3000 and i got it for 800!!!!!!

i could make a lot of money off the resale ahaha
list prices are a scam, they only put them up to make you think you're actually getting a good deal when they give it to you for the actual price.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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List prices are what the guitar is priced using a wholesale retail formular. When I was buying for a local retail shop (not a music shop) items we got at wholsesale were 60% of the list we sold it for 40% more which was list. When you figure out your overhead and all that the actual profit is small. When the big retailers of guitars like Musicians Friend buy guitars they buy 100s or 1000s of each at a time and they get a huge discount so they can sell cheaper and still make a decent profit because of volume. When the mom and pop store down the street buys wholesale they might get one or two guitars at a time and have to pay a lot more on the wholesale price and to make a decent profit they have to sell at list or much closer to list. I wouldn't say list price is a scam it's more of a guide line that the guitar can sell for depending on who sells it and what they need to make for a profit.

Myself I would never pay list and not many of us have or would. Truthfully I am surprized with the cheap prices from big retailers these small shops can survive.