Related texts essay structure.
Which is better?


Text 1 (theme 1)

Text 1 (theme 2)

Text 1 (theme 3)

Text 2 (theme 1 w/link to Text 1)

Text 2 (theme 2 w/link to Text 1)

Text 2 (theme 3 w/link to Text 1)

Text 3 (theme 1 w/link to Text 1&2)

Text 3 (theme 2 w/link to Text 1&2)

Text 3 (theme 3 w/link to Text 1&2)




Text 1 (Theme 1)

Text 2 (Theme 1)

Text 3 (Theme 1)

Text 1 (Theme 2)

Text 2 (Theme 2)

Text 3 (Theme 2)

Text 1 (Theme 3)

Text 2 (Theme 3)

Text 3 (Theme 3)

depends on the essay?
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Depends on whichever flows best for said texts. duh

Use that noggin of yours to decide which is best.

If you can't decide, then start with the first one and try it out. If you want seem to make it work then start over with the second format.
Well, all my old teachers loved connections, so the frist one would be what I would do.
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Yeah the first one seems the obvious the other one I've never seen, maybe someone find an essay written in both structures and post them?
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it really depends on what you are doing, different types of essays have different style formats that are suited to them. Using the examples you used, the first one is better for critical essays and retrospectives, whereas the second one is more suited to covering something in a chronological format.
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i always preferred the first option, but my teachers used to get all up in my arse and tell me that if i changed to the second option, i'd turn my 85/90% into 90+...

i never changed, though. i did the HSC with the first option.
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also I'd have to say the first one is a lot more common in high school, and not seen so much outside of that, since with longer essays all of the jumping bath and forth tends to make things really convoluted and you have to rely more on the readers to make the connections themselves.
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When I did essays I tended to lump each text together and refer back to others with similarities or differences. Ie- Text 1, Text 2 + referral to text 1, etc.

Just remember introduction (with thesis) and conclusion!

This is all you need. I get 95%+ doing this.
With two texts, the first one is fine. But with 3 the second is probably easier.