So I am trying to decide between the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra, and the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II. I like the nanomag on the Ultra II, but it causes the loss of individual tone knobs for each pickup. I like the simplicity of the Ultra, and doesn't require a battery. Any input you have would be appreciated(pros and cons)!
A little late, but I have an Ultra II and love it. The Nano Mag is worth the loss of the 2nd tone knob. The versatility with being able to blend the Nano Mag in with the Humbuckers is great. You only need the battery for the Nano Mag to work, the Alnico Classics will of course play without it.
The only down fall to the Ultra II is trying to upgrade it. The Wiring in it actually uses Cuircit boards for everything, and is not a simple solder and plan activity. Pickups could be replced with minimal difficulties, but the pots on the other hand are a bit more difficult. The pots actually solder to the board, so you would have to match the solder tabs perfectly as well as the size so everything would fit right.

With that said, the issues that I have had with the guitar are very livable, and over all it is a joy to play and has a great tone.

I wish I could find a wiring diagram so that I could find a way to get rid of the board and keep the Nano Mag. Gibson Does not have a diagram of the guitar though, as I have already called them due to a problem I had with a ground coming loose. They have been helpful and offered warranty help, though they do not have a tech center near me and I would have to send it to them. Again this is not a major problem, the only reason I even called them is because I can't find where they had the other end of this ground at and wanted help from the diagram.
i have the ultra. my take is if you do not use the guitar with an acoustic amp, ultra.