Hi. It's late at night and I couldn't sleep and I must wake up at 6.30 but whatever.

I'm in Weston, Fl (FLL suburb) based band. We have been going at it together as a group for about 8-9 months but our first album with about 12 songs and an extra bonus should be out by years end. We originally had about 20- something songs but we settled on some of our best but we'll make the others free for download someday.

The Members:
Mateo: Main Vocals/Multi-Instrumentalist (Synth/Guitar)
Carlos (me): Guitar/Backup Vocals
Gennaro: Guitar/Backup Vocals
Miguel: Bass
Nestor: Drums

Our album will be entitled Modern Times and ranges in song genres for metal-like songs aka Modern Times title track to more upbeat synth based songs such as Colors or Stick It To The Man to normal fast paced rock songs to mellow piano/acoustic + electric guitar ballads.

You can find us at:

And we post random **** here -> but we've been to lazy too so far. xD:


I'd be glad to to constructive criticism which we will surely get about the vocals...but keep in mind we're 14-15 year olds who have other priorities to so don't be to harsh on that please.


We try to be serious but alas we are kids and we goof off a lot as you would notice if you look at our pictures, xD.


So go ahead, shoot.
First thing I notice is that you guys aren't that bad at writting a cohearent song, so good job with that. You definately have a growing song writing knack, that will probably grow into something good with time. You seem to take a generic genre and make it your own with those interesting little lead parts you guys pull off. So well done with that as well.

The first thing I can think of on the critic side of things is the fact that not everything is in time all of the time ya know. But I'm guessing this is simply because you are new to recording, or at least thats what it seems like. A tip is to use a click track to record drums to and then make sure everything else, guitars/vocals/keys/etc are in perfect time with those. You'll get the hang of it with practice I'm sure ^___^

And sooo.. on to the vocals. (As you predicted lol)

They're not bad per say, for your singer has a good sense of pitch. But at the moment it seems like he is simply singing words over music ya know, it needs to sound more involved and like its adding something. He's also quite weak in places, and the harmonies are sometimes off.. ya know what I'm getting at? But again all of this will come with practice and continued song writting, keep at it and you'll soon find out how to do things as it were.

I hope you don't view any of that as harsh or anything, I was just trying to give an honest crit of what is certainly an impressive enough start! Just think at 8-9 months you seem to be finding your sound, imagine what'll happen if you continue like this

Keep at it!
^^ Thank you!! And yes, the timings is sometimes off (we use guitarport) and sometimes one of us is recording something and the others are just talking in the back or whatnot and I guess that may be to blame for the timing issues you pointed it out.

And about the singing, def. We need to really start putting more energy into it and not just "quick lets finish this song" type attitude. xD
Just thought of a little tip, if he can possibly sing a part like an octave higher, or just pick out a higher melody, that may help give the illusion of more energy. Well, at least I prefer my voice when I sing higher anyway. Just experiment and see what happens! Its fun!
Funny you mention that, he actually *tries* to sing in a higher pitch now, before when we just got together he sang in a lower pitch. And on most of our songs, singing higher does help but on a few that aren't up on the myspace yet, lower is better. xD
^^^^New song up, more hardcore, especially as it progresses. Hope you enjoy it.