for 200 bucks. i seen it but didn't get a chance to jam on it, however he told me it was in top condition, the only reason it's so cheap is because he desperately needs to make rent. i trust him, he's a family friend.

he told me the amp isn't made anymore though, can you guys tell me anything about it?

it's a combo amp, a crate. it says blue voodoo on it. it has presence as well as reverb knobs, it can be hooked into an effects loop/soundboard and it has various OHMS (i think they were) inputs, for cabs/heads or whatever. it looked relatively small though, and it had 2 pretty big tubes in it... i don't know how such a little speaker can handle that much volume!

but yes, is it worth it, and by those (although vague) specs does anybody know what kinda amp that is?
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They still make the heads

Cheap price, I say go for it...the parts alone in it could be worth $200
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Buy it. Go ahead, crate makes good amps.
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Just go for it, even if you dont like it you can sell it for more, failing that, you have a perfectly decent backup amp when you upgrade