See what you make of this.

I'm too beautiful to be here
Ain't it plain to see?
Free my perfect spirit from this life of Purgatory
It's not a great existence
I'm doing all I can
But I ain't been this disheartened since the fall of man

So Jesus grabbed his trumpet
and Hark! Sent out the cry
To follow him into the light, lest the sun be in your eyes
He gathered up the hitchhikers
The desperate and the old
and promised in due time he would rejuvenate their souls
But until that time arrives
I'm a lonely little girl
A desperate soul, just stuck inside this material world.

One day, the lord, He'll 'commeth'
Free us from our sin
And on that day, the lord decides who'll lose and who will win
But until that time arrives
I'll be shaking in my shoes
So listen close, as I sing you my Gnosticism blues.