ok so i was wondering, how hard is banjo to play if one can play guitar pretty well? I m just thinking of buying a banjo for the hell of it and i was wondering how hard it would be to learn. i ve been playing guitar for ~3 years and i m also pretty good at finger picking. so yeah.

Also if this thread is in the wrong place, let me know.
the fingerpicking(flailing) will probably be the hardest part
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yeah i m pretty good tho with fingerpicking, especially with arpeggios. what would be better? 4 5 or 6 string and do i used picks on my fingers or just a guitar pick?
WOOT! Finally, being from Kentucky can be useful for once!

Anyways... I play banjo as well as the guitar. I didn't find it too hard. If you're good with the whole fingerpicking thing, try it out.

You can use the finger picks or a standard guitar pick. However, for all the crazy fast Dueling Banjos stuff, you'll want finger picks.

As far as number of strings, 5 string banjos are generally the fast Dueling Banjos thing you hear. Though, you can get whichever one you want for whatever purpose you want. Nobody said you couldn't banjo shred on a four string.