I play 2 years, and i mostly play metal stuff but i also like blues,funky etc

I love Metallica, GNR, Slayer, Trivium, AX7, Steve Vai, Satriani

I want a guitar with Floyd Rose, 2 Hambuckers(doesn't matter if it's H-S-H) but don't recomend me Les Pauls,Sg's or Stratocasters

*Budget: 600 euros

Tell me your thoughts. .xD
maybe an ibanez S470?
really good trem (good for vai/satriani type stuff), thin and fast neck
HSH config which gives a lot of versatility

might wanna upgrade the err...hambuckers though
Top lel.
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PRS? Don't know if they have trem bar, or if you can get one for 600 euros though.

no FR
600 euros = £472 = $770

so theres not much u can really get for that mate, u need 500 to get atleast a decent epiphone, you could get the new Ibanez SAR / RAR check them out, they have the V7's and V'8 from the presitge which are round the £800 marker. it also has something called a 'wizards neck' which improves playing also has a FR which is quite good. but if u play blues aswell, id recomend a les paul i know u said not to recommend but its there as a helpful advise (save a few more up)
you wont be displeased


p.s here is link of the ibanez :

http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop/flypage/product_id/37198/r/base (silver)
http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop/flypage/product_id/37197/r/base (red)

check em out see what you think, want any more question just pm me, i have one you see.
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Dude...Damien FR!!!!!!

24 frets, awesome inlays, good tone, i think its like $450 500 tops.

it has a floyd rose!!! the only real downside is its kind of heavy....