i recorded a guitar track for it. its in my profile if you want to hear. c4c if you want.

my appetite for you

theres a hunger brewing inside of me
its starting to cripple my mind
creating scars on my body
which im not sure it can sustain much longer

it was like you just fell into my lap
when i was down and out without a hope in the world
they always told me bad things about your type
but i always figured we were destined for this eventually

at first i was hesistant
but there you were, just so appealing
once i gave in i could never give you up
you became a part of the blood my veins could never do without

im beginning to go insane
its been a little while since
since i had my last fix
youve made me realize how much i cant resist

it seems ive run dry fast
so suddenly, you disappeared
not leaving much of a trace
now i have to dig deep to find you

my appetite for you grows
every dragging hour
when i cant be with you
youre my fix and i need you
Very good job. I couldn't have done it better (even if that doesn't mean a lot )

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