Hey so yeah I'm looking for a new left handed guitar I've got around $600 - 900 AU to spend.

So far all I can find new that interests me is a schecter omen extreme for $650ish.

Looking around second hand hasn't yielded many results however there is a suzuki lp from the 70's for $500 which has perked my interests (1:1 gibson copy maybe?).

There's always raven west on ebay but i'm a bit skeptical of their quality.

For musical preferences I do listen to a lot of varied stuff some of it being agalloch, nine inch nails, megadeth, marilyn manson, red hot chili peppers, parkway drive, the mars volta, god is an astronaut, at the drive in, devildriver, in flames, nevermore, john 5, lamb of god etc.
Basically alt/prog rock and metal

Any suggestions or ideas, keeping in mind that I play left handed?
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Jackson do left handed versions of some of their more popular models, not sure of the price though
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I can't seem to find an ibanez s320 in left
and with jackson i can only find a dk2 which seems to retail for a $1000 - 1200 here.

it's a pity because the ibanez seemed like a great guitar same with the dinky.
^^ aww man
i think its discrimination against left handed guitarists cos of the lack of choice and price increase
there should be a guitar company called "lefties" that makes left handed guitars
haha, i should go on dragons den with this business idea lol