What is something exciting that you decided not to do because of WoW?

Example...your girlfriend?

And funny little story..i was talkin to my gf about people who play wow and something came up about reading something online about this gf that gave her bf a bj while he played WoW. Then we started making jokes and she was like how would you have sex and play wow? Doggy style with the laptop on my back? I died laughing. Then tried it.

jk, i dont play wow
lolwut this definately is a troll.. and putting a laptop on your back may lead to Cancer silly kid. How fun is your sex now??
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Was it really that confusing? Did i over estimate the intelligence of humanity?

You seriously lowered it
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3 years ago I met a girl in a WoW server. We started to talk, become friends and one year later she became my girlfriend. We still love each other and of course we met in real life too.

This is true, I'm not kidding
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