Has anyone tested the Digitech TL-2 Metal Distortion? I'm looking for a new distortion box and I really like my DL-8, so I thought maybe I should get another Hardwire. They feel nice and look sexy, so the only thing remaining is the sound.

It sounds nice on YouTube, but I'd like some opinions.
Im getting a Hardwire, the metal thing. Not sure what the letters was, i think it was TL-2 though. Anyway you should get one!

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Haha, sounds good. Yeah, I rather like what I've seen of it so far, so I think I'll go with that one.
I played with one at Guitar Center on Friday. Of course, this was direct to headphone with a guitar I'm not familiar with, but overall I seemed to like it. I'd need more time to see how versatile it is, but with the "loose-tight" switch or whatever the hell it was, it seems to give you 2 pedals in one. It didn't have that generic sound that my DF-7 pedal has... it was more alive and more dynamic.
Sounds awesome. I'll get one when I get a new amp next year. I'm probably going to get a Blackstar or a Mesa F-50 1x12, and hopefully the TL-2 would work rather well with one of those.