ive always been a visitor here at UG and ive always read your articles on practice habits etc

in one of the articles i learned that for you to get good at something as quickly as possible, you have to have a target and along with that target, you need a path to get to your target

meaning for me to play a certain genre of choice, i have to focus on the learning requirements of that genre. basically i need to learn all the drill, scales, lessons that are relevant to that genre

with that said, if was wondering if the veteran/expert guitarists could help me fill in the gaps

i essentially want to play good acoustic guitar. basically stuff from John Mayer, Dave Matthews and the like

what ive tried doing before was just get tabs and learn their songs, but somehow ive always felt my learning was too slow coz the tabs are either inaccurate all just simply off. so when that happens i end up not being able to either finish the song or not even get started on the song coz i cant learn it on my own simply because i dont know guitar/acoustic guitar theory

i was wondering if you could give me some material i could use to build a solid foundation with learning acoustic guitar.

Eventually i would very much like to also learn rock but ill save that for later

thanks hoping for your favorable responses
a teacher always helps - one on one is always better then the internet
that being said - youtube man, I haven't checked recently but there used to be some decent stuff on it
tabs shouldn't be a way to learn to PLAY guitar they should be just to learn songs and such and hell if you can listen to the song and figure it out by ear, this is much more beneficial. also listen to songs and learn licks and get your chops down
get some friends to check your skills out and never stop practicing
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The more you practice, the faster you get good. Goals are helpful too. I would suggest getting a teacher if you can afford it or buying a beginner's book and working through the lessons such as http://tinyurl.com/2xd3y8 or going to www.justinguitar.com and working on his free lessons / practice routines.
thanks for your suggestions ^_^
unfortunately a teacher right now is out of the question, but i can get a beginner book. other than the book in the amazon link suggested above, any other book you can suggest that has basic drills, basic theory, note reading (if necessary), etc
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