Poll: Would you eat a baby?
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Yes. Tastes like chicken.
9 21%
No. Thats disturbing.
33 79%
Voters: 42.
So i seen this article on a certain site i wont mention that's very rotten. Anyways according to it there is a man in honk Kong who ate a human baby just to do it. So Pit, i ask you, if you could eat a human baby with no consequence would you?

The baby is cooked to your preference like the HK dudes.

I would for sure eat a baby. Its just an animal. I bet it would be very tender and sweet. Plus they cry a lot. Mmmm baby.
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I almost said yes, but it really depends on the time, place, and circumstances. So no.
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Only if i had skipped breakfast and was quite hungry.

Otherwise no, that's despicable!
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Yeah, its tastes like chicken.
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this isn't the jungle, and we have grocery stores, so no one would eat a baby...

cept the asian.
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is it cooked first, how would you cook a baby? did this guy from hong kong just slam it in a wok
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As long as I have BBQ sauce.
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