OK, my first post on here, Ive been lurking for a bit, but just broke my wrist, so cant play, and passing the time on here.....

Easy question really, Ive been playing maybe 5 months, and bought myself a Les paul studio. Its great, love it, feels good, but it seems like the head is heavy!!

If I put the strap on, and sit/stand still, the head drops. I end up holding the neck up with my fretting hand, which (as Im only a beginner) Im sure causes my playing to decrease.

Is a strap with suede type lining the answer?
Maybe glue weights to the ass end of the guitar(its heavy enough already)

Is it just a les paul issue that I need to live with?

some guitars arent balanced well like that..
you could practice sitting down till you get a guitar
thats more balanced....and thats probably the best
idea because as you said your a beginner and you really
shouldnt start off trying to focus more on holding your guitar
up as opposed to playing it.
There are thicker straps available that will prevent the guitar from sliding down.
Thats probably gonna help.
I love the guitar, plays great(lots better than me!!) and looks great, but I am aware of its tendancy to nosedive on me.

Ill try a different strap.

It surprises me tho, cos the other end is pretty heavy, but I suppose its all down to the location of the strap pins etc.
What les paul? I have an old epiphone studio and if its modeled close enough to the Gibson version the left strap hook is angled upwards unlike other guitars and this could cause the guitar to want to tilt since the strap would be holding the guitar awkwardly. I just use a thick leather strap that doesnt take crap from the guitar and makes it stay up.
It's never ceased to amaze me how totally stupid normal electric guitar convention of fitting the strap button on a right handed guitar left hand side of the body on a Strat/Les Paul shaped guitar on the horn is.
Many years ago I sussed this was the wrong place as it allows the neck to drop if you leave go of the neck and also puts weight on the left wrist that is unneeded.

This is where I reposition mine,

Before anyone says this may split or weaken the neck joint it does not if you screw in the strap button into a good spot where there's plenty of meat/wood.

If you don't want to leave an unsightly hole where you took the strap button out just buy a new strap button and leave the old one in.

I've been using my guitars this way for over 30 years and even with the industrial work I have had to do in my job I still have NO wrist ache even after long hours of playing even in live in bands.

Try it,you may like it
Thanx for the replys.
Its a les paul studio.(poor mans les)

Love it, sounds and looks great, gets the tone I like, but seems to have this issue.
Quote by rollazuki
Thanx for the replys.
Its a les paul studio.(poor mans les)

Love it, sounds and looks great, gets the tone I like, but seems to have this issue.

Yea I love the epiphone studio I have just wish its neck was longer like my schecter - only complaint with it.

You could try getting a thicker leather strap it might help that way if you angle the guitar up more the strap wont fall off from the awkward way the bolts pulling on it and it wont be slick so wont slide