I have the cash to buy and mod 2 boss pedals. the long and short of it being i sold a modded ds-1 and a modded bd-2 and replaced them with a joe satriani/vox satchurator. i prefer my original pedals as IMO they were more versatile. anywho... here is my dilemma. i have 3 pedals in mind to choose between and can afford 2 of them. they are all boss classics.


which pedals would you get and which mods would you do to them?

(edit: i play mainly blues to blues rock so lower gain mods are the order of the day... thanks)

thanks for your help people.

deadly dunc
Thank you please.
I'd definitely do the SD-1, then probably the DS-1.. mainly because I don't see the point in having or modding both the SD-1 and BD-2. Also, the SD-1 is cheaper, and there are probably more mods documented for it.

I need to get my head around and get into pedal modding : (
cheers mint.

so is the bd-2 and sd-1 essentially the same beast? because if so yuou are right, there is about £25 difference at my stockist...


Thank you please.