Ok, so I dunno if this has already been posted (did a search, couldn't find it) but I've just laughed my head off at this and thought you guys would appreciate it.
Basicaly this guy is sent some sort of utility bill which he attempts to pay by e-mailing them a picture of a spider that he has drawn.
This was posted before but t'is worthy of another look
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Yes I have

It was on TV on Friday on Have I Got News For You
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Can I please have the drawing back

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That has been posted like 3 times.
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P.S never see you in the Pit Slacker, tis a suprise

It was a special occasion.

Actualy, I'm in the pit quite a lot, especialy the religion thread and evolution V creation thread.
I'm just never usualy inspired to start a thread about anything.
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That was the funniest thing i've seen in a while.
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Yes I have

It was on TV on Friday on Have I Got News For You

Ahh, well that will explain why my mate just e-mailed it to me.