Basically, I am after a good acoustic guitar. I've never owned one before so a little advice needed here..

For a sound like Elliott Smith if possible as I like to play his songs but I assume with acoustic it doesn't really matter??
I have had a Seagull S6 for a few months now and it is a wonderful acoustic guitar! I only payed 550 dollars for it and it came with a hard case. It is comparable to any other 1500 dollar guitar and has a great feel and looks nice to. The only thing I don't know about is the sound.

Hope that helps, good luck!
I always recommend a Yamaha. They sell them at Guitar Center for a few hundred bucks. For the $$ they are wonderful guitars. They are all very different too, I'm sure you could find one you like. I play my Yamaha's in the YouTube videos I have up if you're looking to see what they sound like. The recording quality is pretty poor though - they sound much better in person.
Can we get a price range??

If its kinda low check out the "guitars for under $300 thread."

If its higher than check out the epiphone masterbilt series