ive been playing bass for about half a year and i need new strings, i have a squier P-bass and its pretty good, but i dont know alot about what to get.
im not sure about guages and what the hell they are but i do know that the strings are all about what you play or what music you like
Any suggestions on strings will help
go to a local guitar shop tell them what you play and they should sort you out
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Just get a regular set of ernie ball bass string, correct me if im wrong but they dont make nylon bass strings or steel bass strings so apart from acoustic theres only one other type of strings. And string gauge is the thickness of the string, higher string gauge=more tension.
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Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkies - I've been playing on those for almost three years - can't go wrong with them. I use them for Standard, Drop-D and Eb standard tunings and they've never let me down. If you play in lower tunings though, you may be better off with Power Slinkies or even thicker strings unless you like to be nice and wobbly (ugh).
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I think finding the right string Gauge is all about trial and error.

You'll never know how other gauges of strings feel and what gauges you like unless you try them out yourself.

I would suggest you buy a "E" 105 Gauge set and see how it feels to you.

Knowing what type of music you like to play would also help people give you good, more specific, suggestions. So what do you like to play, TS?

edit: Also, just in case you may not have known, you'll need to re-adjust your neck after putting new strings in so be ready to do that.
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I'd say go for Elixirs. They last outrageously long and sound amazing.
Thanks, and if your wondering i play more of pop punk to rock/metal, i don't really i care i play whatever