so the title says it all
I've bin playing for roughly more than 2 years, and i am pretty good playing rythm though my lead is not all that omg ...
So the problem is that i still don't knw how many types of amp are there ... i play an Ibanez GrG170dx and The ibanez Iceman IC700 ... i've got only 1 amp though which is fender frontman 15r ... yesh i knw the amp sucks but i usually borrow my pal's who has a marshall (i don't knw which model) ... infact i borrow it so much that it is almost always at my place and my pal has to take my permission before borrowin it ...
i have come across the term "tube amp" ... if some1 would explain what it means ?! ...

And also can some1 give me intermedieate solos to learn ... i play metal,rock and stuff like that ... I prefer metallica stuff usually, though other metal or hard rock solos are welcome ... i would appreciate the UG'ers who respond to this call ...
Black sabbath snowblind. If you learn the whole song youll pick up a bunch of different skills.
I agree- check wikipedia/google for amp info. I suggest just going to local places and trying amps out- you won't know what you like until you try things for yourself. And yeah- Metallica- their latest album is sick- way intermediate. I don't know if there are any tabs for that yet.
You've been playing for two years and you've never heard of a tube amp? Oh dear.
But as for your second question, I'd recommend the Back in Black solo by AC/DC. Or Paranoid by Black Sabbath. Or, dare i say it, the Stairway solo?
Just look up some solos you're interested in.
amps: read the stickies

solo to learn: the wizard by black sabbath. twas my first introduction the pentatonic scales which allows you to improvise your own solos.
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google: 100 greatest guitar solo s. Learn them all
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