Would detuning to this require me to make adjustments to my guitar?
Also, I was told I could tune to Drop D, DADGBE then tune everything down two semitones and I'd get Drop C?

It's a fairly large tension change, so changing the tunning from Drop D to Drop C frequently won't be good for the neck
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thiker strings,11's work for me,i play in B to my dime-o-flames in B and dimeblade in C
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If you have a Vibrato System, it's not even worth adjusting it unless you plan on leaving it that way for a long time.
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I always use a B-Hybrid tuning, to adjust I had to raise my action up a little and I bought Hybrid Orange Ernies. Those two little adjustments got rid of any buzz it had. I would say if you put it in Drop-C or Drop-B just check for any buzzes. If you have one, raise the action. Unless your planning on staying in Drop-C, I wouldn't suggest buying thicker strings.