I got an acoustic a while ago and took lessons for a little while, but never really got anywhere. Recently I started getting interested in playing again, I've been teaching myself for a little while and plan on getting lessons, but I would like to get an electric. I have a budget of $500 Dollars.

I was looking at getting a Ibanez RG2EX1 and a 30w Peavey Vypyr.

I like Metal (Tool, Megadeth, Black Sabbath), Metalcore (Atreyu, Trivium), Classic Rock(The Who, Neil Young, David Bowie) and a little Alternative (A Perfect Circle, U2)
Would this be a good guitar/amp?
the couple of peavy's ive played through have made a horrible screeching noise when i switched to the distortion channel
vypyr is an amazing amp, i played it the other day with an ibanez rg320 and it was awesome
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