Hey guys
i recorded an instrumental cover and a cover with vocals of Hallelujah, it's on my profile and it'd be great if you guys could give me feedback. positive or negative i dont mind.

I know im no singer by any stretch of the imagination lol, but its a song i really like and i thought i'd give it a go.
There are two guitar tracks and two vocal tracks and it was recorded n Audacity cos i'm a cheapskate lol

cheers guys
great work love the guitar tone, the vocals were not bad at all and being that i hate singing you def did it better then me as i would never try that song. Which version do you like best Myles?

Cheap lol thats all i use as well is Audacity
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All it needed was a little more emphasis on some of the vocals, could've really got in to it and made it so much stronger.
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Love the tone man. What are you using? The guitar sounds great. Get a pop filter though! Just use some panty hose wrapped around one of those sewing things. Google it.

Vox does sound good though regardless. It's a hard song to sing, that's for sure. With a pop filter I reckon It'd be perfect.

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