okay, so AVG is going crazy again and it tried healing 2 dll files and it ended up deleting them, so if someone could upload their Hebebubo.dll and Gedarehi.dll files (in system32) i would be very greatful.
EDIT: I don't have them either and the site I use to get any missing DLL files doesn't have them
It doesn't return any search results on Google.
It could be part of a program you installed that we won't have.
To me, they sound like the virus DDL files.
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Those sound very important. The heebeegeebee file is essential, and the other one sounds like some type of Middle Eastern salad. You'd better get those back ASAP.

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yeah, but now whenever i start up my computer i get Rundll errors, and i'm sick of seeing that ****. my mom is basically freaking out thinking the computer is being hacked (yes, she's that stupid). is there any way to stop those messages?