So id be the first to admit im not a very good lyrics or vocal melody writer, what i write sounds cliché/crap or just uninteresting.
Now lately iv been into Biffy Clyro, they are an amazing band, and Simon Neil writes amazing lyrics. But what i don't know is what makes them amazing - if that's the right way to put it. Obviously im not just looking to copy his own ideas and make them my own, i want to write MY lyrics, but as thought provoking as them.

Here's the first part to a song by Biffy Clyro

Lyrics to All The Way Down; Prologue, Chapter 1 :
Taking part's what counts, but you were not around,
never understand my goals for you
Looking back, seems that everyone in my life, I will be waiting for you
I will be waiting for you until the evidence conveys another side
You'll never understand my hopes for you
Sleeveless in miniature, monster overture, never be complete unless you know
Looking back, seems that everyone in my life will be waiting for me
I will be waiting for you until the evidence conveys another side
Have you found your way home? Have you found your way? I feel wondrous, controlling me seems like a good idea
I'll do my best to uphold you, but I know that in the night

You may not agree, but i think they are fantastic lyrics, but where do you get that sort of writing from. If anybody has tips of any sort to writing like this i would be ever so grateful.
Simon keeps melodies in band session, and then puts lyrics to them from a big book of random phrases that he writes into every night (I've been told he keeps it under his bed.)
i can see a lot of assonance and repetition, i think thats the best way rather than just rhyming the end of each sentence. song writing is too hard for me. i think writing the music first would be easier tho.
Never leave the first 3 albums, they are brilliant lyrics, sadly puzzle + mountains are nearly all poor lyrics.

I cant describe the lyrics, but they are very obscure and abstract with clever little phrases such as my personal favourite.

Liberate the Illiterate