Hi, i need a pedal(well a friend does) that repeats a note a lot of times. So it kind of does a tremelo picking effect. Its for my friend he needs it because he cant tremelo pick and were playing duality by slipknot for a gig.

Thanks peeps
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you could do it with a delay pedal but it won't sound the same as if he was really playing it
Why spend money when he can just properly learn a technique?

Anyway, he'd be after a Delay pedal.
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Learn the technique, it's going to be a lot better than using an effect to cover up crappy playing.
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yeah tell him to suck it up and learn it... he shouldn't be playing a gig imo if he can't even get the song down.
The delay pedal wouldn't even work for this application though would it. i mean, when he hits a note once and it repeats a few times, then moves to the next note, clashing with the previous delays and such.

hell its been ages since i've played Duality but i'm convinced theres no way around this but to just learn the technique.
lol, yeh, Practice! lol
A loop pedal is what you're talking about but it wouldn't achieve a great effect really, and it's cheating! Play something else lol, or leave that bit out. Fill in the gap with something else. Like improv!
Tremolo pedal, not delay. Delay's not going to work at all. Set it fast and just hold the note.
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