i have a really bad problem.......

when i play my high e string my tuner says ive tuned it, when i play the 12th fret hrmonic my tuner says it very close to fine BUT when i play the 12th fret it says it horribly out and you can hear it too. i asked my teacher and he said something to do with my bridge but he tried to adjust it he couldnt because there wasnt enough space to move the runner on the bridge any further he then said something about getting new strings so any ideas on the problem and new strings?
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Yeah that's correct. If it is not tuning on the twelth, it means you need to adjust the intonation on the bridge. They have some instructional videos on YouTube you could check out, but if you aren't confident in what you're doing I would suggest just taking it to a guitar tech and let him/ her fix it and show you how.
Also, make sure the neck isn't bowing. That could affect the intonation to an extent as well. Once again, there's instructional videos on truss rod adjustment on Youtube
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Honestly, if you have old strings, intonation wont help. I thought there was something severely wrong with my guitar when my 12th fret sounded between my 14th and 15th, and messing with the bridge would hardly move it to the 14th.

Then I changed the strings, and it tuned perfectly. New strings will help a lot, and are the first step to your answer.
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i have a tune o matic bridge. ive had the guitar since august and been playing around 2hrs a day on the stock strings but the problem is that the intonation can't go any further
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The first step to setting intonation is putting new strings on it.

What guitar do you have and what gauge strings are you using?

if you have a tune-o-matic type bridge and the setup is not quite right you may have to turn one of the saddles around to get more travel in the direction the saddle needs to go

New strings first though.
i have an epi les paul custom plus but i dont know what gauge they are.

also what kind of strings do you reccomend for buckethead style hard rock to metal?
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it would have come with 10 to 46 - best to replace them with that.

However - someone else may suggest a different gauge etc in answer to your question...
buckethead would use pretty thin strings so 10-46 would do
but if you want full on metal you may want a little heavier guage strings.