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This may take a while: I had a band, me on lead guitar, a very good friend on rythme guitar, some guy on drums and a person I knew on piano. The pianist was kicked out for being immature, and always starting fights, the drumer left because of college.

I now play with he rythme guitarist, we work quite well together, however it seems to be getting quite boring, the main problem is that whenever I find a musician, the guitarist manages to find an excuse on why he deslikes him (for example: he doesn't want a "school band"). The whole thing is getting quite boring.

My very best friend plays the "hurdy gurdy", he is quite good and I think that with the right genre it could sound interesting.

On the other hand, I have some good ideas for songs and I could start a solo project however I'm not so keen on seperating/spliting song ideas with the rhythm guitarist, he's a good friend of mine.

Some other info:

- I'm quite interested in doing a solo thing but I'd really like to play with my best friend aswell.

- I'm in 11th grade (the before last school year), if I make a band, it will seperate by june 2010 because I want to go and study in UK (I don't live in UK now).

So here are my options:

A) Stay with the rhythm guitarist and do a solo project (secretly lol)
B) Stop with the rhythm guitarist and do a solo project
C) Stop with the rhythm guitarist and play with my best friend

I have a preferance but would like to hear some comments.

TL;DR: Need to decide between these 3 options, I'd apreciate some opinions.
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Well thats me set ^^
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My very best friend plays the "hurdy gurdy", he is quite good and I think that with the right genre it could sound interesting.

whats a hurdy gurdy
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just make music with anyone you can - when something doesn't work then try something else. Don't act like you're married to whoever you jam with - unless you're going to start a real band for playing shows and recording, then you need everyone on the same page.

exactly this. Just be free to do what you want. Until you start doing it seriously then you can make as much noise as you want with whoever you want
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whats a hurdy gurdy

go on youtube, it's a strange instrument but there are metal bands that use it
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any other opinions?

Yeah, do a solo project and get him to guest on it. That way it's your choice what you play, everything will be your decision including any other members that you wish to have.

Make sure that you make it quite clear that this project is a completely seperate project to any other band that you and him might have together. Tell him that you simply wish to experiment with your own writing.
Don't have a definate line up, just concentrate on writing and recording material and have different guest artists for each song, the only constants on every song being you and your friend.
Eventualy you'll probably find a line up that clicks just right and if your original project with him hasn't progressed by then, suggest using that line up as a band project where everyone has a say artistically.