I've allways liked the idea of bands with really dark and deep lyrics and really catchy poppy melodies, such as Placebo, Alkaline Trio and Depeche Mode. Could you guys please suggest to me some more bands like this(as little emo as possibal). Thanks in advance.
T.S.O.L. Coheed and Cambria, Senses fail (i guess) Jawbreaker.
Thats a few, cant really think right now.
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ALICE IN CHAINS = Darkest lyrics and sound you'll ever ear combined with strong and heavy riffs but sensitive and creepingly beautiful solos and melodies
chapter 4 - A7X, the chorus is about killing but nicely sung with little melody
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Well thats me set ^^
The Shins, Matthew Good (Band).
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Fires Burning
The Magnetic Fields and the Jesus & Mary Chain.
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HIM, Type O Negative
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Dresden Dolls, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, The Shins, The Matches, Jeff Buckley, Interpol, The Birthday Massacre, Muse, Nada Surf, Blaqk Audio, Biffy Clyro (at times), AFI, Mindless Self Indulgence, Arcade Fire, Hundred Reasons, REM, Streetlight Manifesto.

(These are varied in genre, but they all meet the criteria, I think)
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