I am thinking of getting a mesa boogie amp and plan to run a 120 W crate head through it, any thoughts? If its a bad idea please explain why, would I be better just micing the current cab and run it through the mesa?
Mesa/boogie cabinet or amp head?

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why the **** would you buy a mesa and then run a crate through it. you mean a mesa cabinet i imagine not an amp, trying to run one amp into another is plain retarded. you will blow both amps if you try this.
If you actually mean trying to run a crate 120w head through a mesa cabinet then as long as the impedences are matched and the cab can handle over 120w then thats completly fine.
I would also say that if you are trying to improve your sound by buying a new cab, dont, use the money to put towards a new amp, the cab makes minimal difference to your sound, so running a **** amp through a mesa cab still wont sound good
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I really hope you mean a Mesa cabinet. Otherwise you're going to blow up both of them if its two heads.
yes a cabinet, the crate head is good but the cabinet is getting really beat up from crazy bar gig nights and 3-4 years of service. (head is a little newer) and I figure I would go mesa because once the time comes to get a new head I will just switch over to mesa period.