so i wanna get my bro some EMG pickups for his Gibson but i'm a drummer and don't know which ones he needs or which ones will fit.

Can someone who knows link me to some that will work or that you recommend for this guitar?

i can provide more details about the music we play if needed.
well if your going with EMG's its safe to say you play metal

but yeah, the 81/85 set is the "norm" in this case

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Forget about EMG's. Go for Seymour Duncan Blackouts instead. They're cheaper and they're way better.
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I would strongly advise against this idea.

Active pickups (like EMGs) are the most specialised pickups in the world. You have to have a very specific rig to get any use out of them, if you don't have exactly the right kind of everything, then active pickups are worse than passives. Unless you know for sure every part of his rig is suitable for active pickups (even right down to the type of cables he uses), you should stay away from actives.

Not to mention, they require a complete re-haul of the guitar's entire electronics, so they're really not great as a gift.
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