Righto, so i've been building this bass for a while and it's been more or less halted due to lack of funds, need for a neck and no place to get one.
I wanted a tele bass neck, but the only decent looking ones i could find were on Warmoth, but then there's issues with import because apparently there are high import charges sometimes.
i was considering getting it and having it delivered whilst on holiday in the US, i even bought some decals for it
but recently i found a REAL Telecaster bass neck from '72 on ebay. the problem was the price. £395 is a lot of money for a neck.
however, my dad agreed to pay some of it as a Christmas present and i had to pay the rest myself.
although my dad managed to haggle from £395 to £345 including P&P, so i have to pay a little bit less

anyway, long story short, i was wondering if you guys could check out the listing and see if anything seems dodgy, just in case i'm making a bad decision.
eBay listing

he said that he had just paid £90 for it to be refretted as well.
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