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Title says it all - searchbar used.

For me it is, at Wacken 08, Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark,

Woah-oh oh-ohh oh oh oh-oh...

When a scene wimp snapped his neck while that pile of fail band Hatebreed were playing.
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My school gig.
Everyone was screamin' my name for a good 2 weeks after.
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
went to see Voodoo Glow Skulls at The Underworld, got up on stage and danced with Frank Casillas then stagedived
crushed my friend the first time

it was a great gig, there was a really fat drunk guy who kept on falling over in the pit and no one could pick him up :P
Rockin' shit
getting hit by a chicken bone in the middle of the bottle park at motörhead/foo fighters at hyde park, london in '06.


watching the wildhearts at shepherd's bush in september. amazing.

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went to see Voodoo Glow Skulls

i had a characarteur done by the guy who did the artwork for one of their albums. he put a voodoo glow skull in the corner. he made it all metalish (u know what i mean) and gave me ozzy's knuckle tattoo. it was cool and it's in my bathroom. so cool.
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When you come up on stage..
And feel the crowd's energy
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my bro is a rapper. At one of his concerts a whole bunch of girls ran up on stage and started dancing. I was just standing next to the stage, stoned as ****. This girl pulled me on stage and started kneading my balls. She is one of the hottest girls I've ever seen. A lot of people at my school talked to me about the hot chick i was dry humping. I didn't even get her name. It was one of the times I wish i wasn't high, I was definitely in a stupor.
For me it is, at Brixton 07, Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark,

Woah-oh oh-ohh oh oh oh-oh...
Sunn O))):
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Last night actually,

A drumstick from the Fratellis Drummer came over my head and hit this kid behind me in the face.

Then i caught it.....
Opened for Vince Neil at Laconia Bike Week and the band members came out and watched us. Makes you feel pretty good when they throw the horns at ya instead of us tossn em at them. Never did meet Vince stuck up bastage.
Seing some random old lady crowdsurfing at a Megadeth gig. Wasn't that great but it was pretty funny.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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During our gig we played Six by All That Remains.
When the slow acoustic part kicked in the crowd went NUTS and some kid shouted OMG!
It was funnay
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Muse wembley june 17th 07, when they did the intro to Knights of Cydonia.
It was ****ing awesome!
mine is also fear of the buenos aires

its like THE song to see live
At a Dark Star Orchestra show a little over a year ago. I was tripping at the time and during Greatest Story Ever Told in the second set their female vocalist belted out an amazing solo. I felt like I was traveling into a sort of tunnel of music. Whenever I listen to the recording I get chills up my spine during that part.
oh yeah, and one of my friends had a school gig where the crowd had many teachers and the headmaster.
he said that the next song was untitled and asked crowd members to shout out possible names, so i shouted out "VICIOUS GUT****"
not a smart idea with all the staff and parents in the audience

and to top it all off, i was the only one who said anything and my friend on stage addressed me directly using my name and telling me it was unnecessary :P

hoping i don't get in too much trouble :P
Rockin' shit
Playing : My last gig with my old band before I first left to university - we opened the show, whilst borrowing a drummer from one of the later bands (And later had their bassist up to sing a number with us). Tightest we played that night, and we managed to blow almost everyone except the 2 main acts out the water (There were 6 of us on that bill)

Watching: Saw Airbourne a week ago - it was somewhat mundane until the singer got bored, decided to jump the fence & play the solo in the crowd
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High on Fire/Pelican. Everything about it was awesome. Met Pelican before the gig, met High on Fire after. Went out clubbing with HoF after the gig. They played all my favourite songs. It was amazing.
When the overdrive/distortion kicked in in Á Tout Le Monde at Megadeth in February. And when Dave walked on playing the intro PM'ed riff in Sleepwalker.

Or when Tom Araya screamed "War Ensembleeeee...." at Unholy Alliance Manchester. And when the smoke was surrounding him, and he did his laugh thing and said "This is a song called Chemical Warfare". Slayer in general were just powerful as hell, like getting hit in the face with a brick

Matt Heafy said something I found ****ing epic, something along the lines of "don't just sit there, this ain't ****ing church!" :P Vid below:

Airbourne were awesome, Joel smashed a can of Stella off his head a few times, sprayed it over the crowd and through it up, soaking me and my mate He also left the stage to go to the side bar where he poured his own pint and played a solo.

I saw Evile in Hartlepool last Christmas, and they were ridiculously tight. One of the best bands I've ever seen.

Sorry for the mini-essay
morbid angel.

immortal rites.

da-dun-dun waaaooooooooo da-dun-dun waaaaaooooooo da-dun-dun woooooooaaaa

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If Varg had any sense of humour, he'd open the album with a cover of Superstition.
At Download 2005 when that plane flew low over the stage during Black Sabbath was pretty incredible. Sent shivers down my spine...I don't think I've ever felt like that.
When I saw Mcfly the 2nd time round, and Danny came to the barrier and held my hand
and when Oli Sykes did the same (L)
I died and went to heavennnn!
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Sigur Ros ****ing incredible.

Good choice.
Nothing beats these live.
Trust in me and fall aswell.
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My school gig.
Everyone was screamin' my name for a good 2 weeks after.

My band did 'Human' by The Killers an everyone went mad screaming my name... there still doing it now
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seeing a 70 year old woman in a biker jacket air drumming to War Pigs at Ozzy, last year

I remember last years Ozzfest when I started clapping and it chained around and everyone started clapping (during War Pigs)

MC name = Bearrorism
Playing: Giving the finger to my friend during a gig at school...filled with teachers...

Watching: Either getting Opeth to play the beginning of Hessian Peel or at Alexisonfire when the whole room simultaneously shouted "F*CK YOU!" during Pulmonary Archery.
If you hear fear of the dark live, that is the best concert experience.
::type i'm here to stir the $h!t

dragonforce back in september, my shoe came off in the moshpit and got thrown on stage =]
my sock was dripping wet untill i got it back after the show =[
Probably Muse opening their Marlay Park gig with Map Of The Problematique.

It was perfection.

It's either that or watching Eric Clapton kicking into Layla live. Now that, my friends, was amazing.
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C wut I did thar Fishy?

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Opeth. Akerfeldt passed down a bottle of water into the crowd, loads of people were drinking it. I drank a bit; 5 minutes later I was in the toilet throwing up
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Muse wembley june 17th 07, when they did the intro to Knights of Cydonia.
It was ****ing awesome!

Almost. When he started playing Plug in Baby's opening riff was my personal Highlight though.

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Probabely Bob Brozman addressing me as the face of youth in the crowd. Seeing Thomas Leeb play has also left a huge impression on me (see user name).
i'd have to say that one of mine was being snuck into the acacia strain by my cousin who's the bassist and meeting the vocalists of protest the hero and the acacia strain. and watching white chapels sound check while no one else was in the venue
Like TS starter,
Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark @ graspop metal meeting 2007

the entire crowd singing along in the middle of the night, so beautifull!
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I stole a pair of my friend's mother's panties. They were clean so it was rather dissapointing when I took a wiff.
Starting a Skat Pit at one of our gigs, and at the end of the gig loads of people came up to us and said how great it was and they really enjoyed themselfs.
Couldn't stop grinning all the drive home.
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