Im lookin for a 4x10 cab for christmas to go with the new head I just got.
I have been looking on GAK.co.uk and I have found one I like im just abit baffled by specifications.

On this link :

It says in the specifications :
350 watts continuos ad 700 watts program.

What does this mean?

Im not bothered about wattage, I just don't understand what each of them actually mean.

Thanks in advance
It means its designed to run at around 300W but i can manage up to 700W in certain situations, depending on how you have it connected and what other cabs your using
It should be fine!

Btw have a look at Ashdown cabs, theyre good for the money!
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It's an 8 ohm cab so you sould safely put a 500 watt head into it which would put out about 350 watts.

Don't rely too much on the frequency claimed, although it wil produce it 30 hz is somewhat low for a 4x10 at high levels.
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