I think I blew a speaker at practice the other day and I need advice on what speakers to replace mine with. The amp is a Genz Benz ML 210 combo that I run through a peavey 410 cab on stage. I know the noise is coming from the combo because it does it while I'm playing at home without the cab. Its a kind of rattle/squeal/buzz effect when I play anything on the low B or E strings. I took the grill off and checked the screws on the speakers already. I also plugged the head of the combo into the cab by itself (i.e. bypass the 2 10" speakers in the combo) and it sounds fine. Is it the speakers? If not, what do you think it is? If so, what should I replace them with?
yeah, sounds like a bad speaker all right

You need to replace them with whatever speakers were originally in there, or something very, very similar. Bass speakers aren't like guitar speakers...they have to have a cab that they work well with, or they sound really bad and can possibly be damaged.
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Or maybe theres just something in the room that buzzes when you play because you played it's resonant frequency. This would explain why it doesnt happen when you gig, because youre in a different place.

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The noise is definitely coming from the combo. It does it at home, where I practice, etc. I think I just can't hear it when I'm playing because I'm farther away from the amp and I'm running 4 more speakers so it kind of gets drowned out. But when I'm playing just the combo its definitely noticeable...and annoying. Any ideas as to where I can find replacements? I would really prefer not going to the dealer because I'm sure the prices are ridiculous. Already tried a couple places online to no avail.
Just call them and ask...genz-benz customer service shouldn't be very loaded-down, so you should be able to get help there.
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