I currently play a MIM Tele through a Champion 600 and love it. I don't need anything larger as I don't gig and am just playing rhythm stuff in my basement. I do like tube amps though, just like the sound.

I was wondering if there was a small 5 watt tube amp out there to give more of a Marshall sound? Suggestions?
Orange Tiny Terror (it's switchable between 7 and 15 watts)
ZVex Nano Head (well, it's not 5 watts )
As mentioned before, the Laney L5T-112
The Laney is amazing

Check out the Crate V5 if you wanna mess around with it
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Blackheart Little Giant? It's got 5 watts and a 12AX7 pre-amp tube and an EL84 power-amp tube, which is typical for british amps. Of course there are other things that influence the tone, but the Little Giant I played sounded plenty british to me.
Link in a second.

Yeah, people love those little Blackhearts or even the Epi Valve Junior, especially if you find a used one with some nice mods already put in.
The Blackheart little giant is supposed to sound very much like an old Marshall. I personally have not been able to find one here to play. All the youtube clips make it sound really nice though.
Try a pedal. Wampler plextortion is a great marshall in a box. I'm ordering one right after xmas.
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Get an epi valve jr or Blackheart little giant and mod it using the mods found on www.sewatt.com

You can voice them like Marshalls, Vox, Fender, whatever you want
Blackheart Little Giant. Will NOT dissapoint. I get a great vintage marshall tone out of mine. Though, when cranked, it won't have the BALLS of a Marshall...but then again, it's a 5 watt amp. You're gonna need more wattage for the kind of gut wrenching a true Marshall gives, and a second speaker never hurt . And it's ran by an EL84..so not quite the same animal anyway.

BUT, i'm sure the Blackheart Hot Head will make a nice rival to British voiced amps trying to nail the Marshall tone for cheaper. I can't wait to try one out!
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Have you tried the 300guitars.com mod to your champion 600? It completly transforms it. New tubes, $3 in parts and it screams. I run mne as a head, the 6" speaker really does limit it. Of course it is more of an "American" sound, but it still sounds nice. The BH-5 and Epi Valve jr's are nice too, I have those as well. The BH-5 is a little more "Marshally".