Well, i just bought a Schecter Diamond Classic(beautiful guitar) for about $740. It plays amazingly well and looks really good to. But some people said that the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is better. Now i want your opinions on which is better(not for the price but for the quality, looks, sound.) here are a few picks i took. im not much of a photographer and it looks a lot better in real life.

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woops a lil 2 big lol
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Takamine G Series EG363SC Fund: $400/$499
i loooooove the looks of that guitar, big fan of the vine inlay

people probably say the hellraiser is better bc it has emgs and coil tap
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Depends what your trying to play man. The C1 classic is sexy as hell! but the dark cherry hellraiser is pretty sexy too. either way your going to get a ballin guitar.... +1 to this guy
c1 exotic star! its similiar to the classic, but w/ no vine inlay, and it has coil tap
but between the two, i'd say the classic cause you can play any genre, but with the hellraiser you cant really play anything softer. also the vine inlay is sexy
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I think that's better, as I don't like EMG's.
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i play the same thing, and i love my schecter to death. in the case of a fire, id first grab my guitar, then the amp and cable, and once they were safe, i dog back for my girlfriend :P
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I've played both and I like the classic a lot better, sounds better to my ears (i dont like emgs) and feels much better in my hands. The best way i can describe the classic is that its a les paul wearing a strat costume. Hellraiser might be better if you play a lot of really heavy/death metal. The JB/jazz combo in the classic can handle about anything you can throw at it though.
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C-1 Classic > Any Hellraiser model (besides the ERG models) IMO.


Both guitars are in the Diamond series. Classics is more...eh.. classics and hellraiser is in the very core of metal.

It's all really depend on your taste as I don't really see much of a different in term of craftsmanships. Both guitar should be made from the same machines then later on customized to their specs.

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Strictly a question of just what you want to play - neither guitar is inherently "better" than the other.
The Hellraiser has (IMO nasty) EMGs in it which make it great for modern metal but pretty crap for anything else. The Classic on the other hand has a versatile set of Duncans with a more hot-rodded vintage attitude.
And of course, the Classic is very sexy with its vine inlay and gold hardware - the Hellraiser looks hideous in comparison
Classic for every genre you want. Hellraiser for hard rock and heavier.
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I own the C-1 Classic and the guitar player in my main band (I play bass in) just bought a C-1 Hellraiser. Both are really nice guitars and all. The Hellraiser is just balls-to-the-wall metal though and can't really pull off smooth tone for things other than metal. The FR is a huge plus though. If my C-1 Classic had a FR, it would undoubtedly be my favorite choice.