so some questions
currently i'm running my pedals like this:

guitar ----> wah ----> whammy ----> maximizer ----> delay ----> noise reduction ----> amp

i've tried mixing up a few times but this is generally nice-sounding for me, but i'm wondering... the wah, max, delay, and noise reduction are all powered by a 1-spot. the whammy has its own.. they're both in a powerstrip that i have on my pedal board. it still seems like i'm getting some noise from the pedals or something though (like a significant amount)... any thoughts on this?... it's especially the line6 delay i think..
and is this a good setup to get the best out of like, the maximizer and noise reduction? like is that where they "should" be... also if i got an overdrive... where would it fit in?

also, with the delay some people say to use it in the effects loop... which i have... so i'm gonna need more cords or what? and how exactly is this a benefit... i mean is it like less-intense/more subtle delay or what?
Using the effects loop is really only more useful if you use the amp's built in effects. The tone might be slightly better so I'd try it.