So not long go, i was on MSN Messenger and i got an add from an email address i didnt know. I accepted and started talking to this person, and they wouldnt tell me who they were, so i stopped talking to them. This was about two weeks ago, and now this person has started talking to me again, saying that he "was going to smash me up if he ever saw me" and stuff like that.

So what im asking the pit to do, is add this guys email and spam him as much as possible?

his email is : ...
Also anyone got any similar stories? just to see if im not the only one.
Nobody cares.
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lmfao man thats so sick and depraved and yet funny all at once

my hats off to you IbanezSA160, you have embodied the Pit into one little poem
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I ain't doing your dirty work you pussy.

im not a pussy, but i just wanna get back at him, and it wont work just me on my own lol
Wow, what a waste of my time.
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Nothing is stranger than being anonymous.
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There's a block button on msn for a reason.

oh yeah i forgot to mention that he's already blocked me for some reason
Perhaps you could grow up and just block this idiot? We are not your personal E-bigger-boys.
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yo tambien
What the hell's a tambien?
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its like basic math. 1 + -1 = 1
i would soooooo do it. but i dont use MSN.

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