Hello! Check out my bands new music, including the funky ass jam Who wants some nuggets? It's pretty chill. i'll crit you back! Also, check my profile for some more music by me.

It's me on guitar in all the songs fyi.


add us! we need to get better known, only have 83 friends.

That was ridiculous, in a good way.

Overall, I thought it was great. Dug the groove, I thought the guitar leads were sweet (nice playing), and the keyboard was funky as hell.

I can't decide wether I loved or hated the vocals though
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Thank you for your crit! Ahh the lyrics...lol I don't really have any opinions on them, it was supposed to be an instrumental jam but my bassist decided to record his voice and make it a girls voice lol. I guess he really wanted nuggets! but yea, thank you!
The voice was kind of annoying, but also kind of funny. The rest of the song was pretty awesome, especially the organ, although I didn't really like the bass tone.
Lol thank you all, basically noticing a trend in the crits hahaha. lyrics suck! i know i know, im gonna tell him to take them out, it'd be better without em. thanks guys!
Hmmm. I say leave em in! Although maybe just change them back into a dudes voice or something. Smokin' track (pun intended), really really well done. Great playing. Loved it. Thanks for checkin out mine. Nicely done!

Good idea! lol, his voice would suit this song better than the transformed voice does. No problem dude! thanks for the crit