Hey guys,

I was just wondering how does the VOX V847 WAH WAH do under high gain ? Not like way way high gain like Pantera but still.
Can't try it out any time soon because I came down with a cold so i can't even leave the house. (Hoping to go try one out as soon as I get better)

i use a dunlop crybaby original wah and it works great, its only like 70 USD so try that if you can. It even works good with super high distortion. I play Steve Vai's "For the Love of God" with it and it's awesome during the solo
If you can afford it, a RMC (Real McCoy wah), they sound great, even with highgain!
fulltone clyde deluxe, you can go wrong, got one and never looked back. Just buy it, it sounds...well...orgasmic, not joke!
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