Hi, I'm trying to look for a new bass guitar to replace my current one, and I could use some suggestions.

I've been playing bass for a couple of months now on a hand-me down Squier P-bass. I kinda wanted my own bass to replace this one as it is very worn and it just plain doesn't look good becasue I removed a lot of the stickers the previous owner had on it so the finish is pretty much ruined and it looks like crap.

I was looking at an Ibanez sr300 and an Ibanez srx500, but I couldn't really tell which one was the better one, or more importantly which one would be more suited toward my needs. I will be playing a lot of rock in the band that I am in, and we might start playing gigs and stuff like that, so which do you think i should get between those two, or if you have a suggestion for a better bass that i should get, could you let me know?

I'm willing to spend about $300 to $400, but cheaper would be better because its really tight with the money right now. I'll probably be playing through a Behringer BXL3000.

Thanks a lot!
frankly, you don't need a new bass. you've only been playing for a few months. i've been playing for 5 years and i still play my squier p bass every now and then. i would wait until you're more experienced and know what you want out of a bass.
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Noooooo! Please tell me you're borrowing the behringer....those things are horrible.

As far as the basses go, either of those would be fine, but I think the 500 would be the better bass.
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SR300 is fine.

if your really tight on cash, an SRX300 is fine too.

but you should definitely get the amp replaced first.
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Im also going to add when you come back in a year or two and say i have 2 grand to spend on a bass whick one. You dont need a new bass. I ****ing hate those threads.

get a new amp first. And Replace the pickups in the squire.
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