i went to this jam thingy and saw this guy using some sort of foot switch(it had 8 switches on it) which was connected to a distortion, wah, reverb stomp box. i guess he was changing the sound by stepping on the switches.

I googled and read a couple of posts here on midi foor controllers. i have kind of understood wat they are. but... i'm a bit lost
as in you can change the parameters with one switch.. i understood that part. but how? do they have their own bank of effects like a zoom processor or line6 pod xt..? or do you connect stomp boxes to it like i saw this guy using..? is it a digital thing or an analog thing...?
It really depends - there are different switches for different uses.

I believe midi footswitches are most commonly used with effects processors like a T.C. electronics G-major, there are also footswitches specifically for stompboxes - which is what it sounds like you saw, which designate signal paths for a specific combination of pedals and assign them to your choice of footswitches.
a lot of times, there'll be analogue effects loops, and you might put each of your effects in a loop. then, you hook up a midi to the thing, and you can turn off/on all of your effects, even if they are analogue effects.

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@guitar yes i know about the tc g system

@nutin oh ok. so can give me an example of one of those midi footswitches? (is that wat they are called? if not then wat are they called)?