Has anyone ever been to the burning man? I am thinking about going in 2010 and I just wanted to see if anyone had any info or stories theyd like to share?
i never burned
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I think it's some kind of festival. It was featured in one episode of Family Guy, Queens of the Stone Age made a cameo there.

EDIT: It was American Dad.
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Burning man is this thing out in the dessert somewhere, and everyone gets naked and takes acid and makes "art"

Really? That sounds badass, I'd so do it.
My buddy Scott went.
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Didn't they have that in Malcom in the Middle?
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Wow i'm suprised at how many UGers don't know of the Burning Man!, either your all 13 year olds or bums (sorry no offense).

basically The burning Man is a giant festival where people from around the world assemble a huge impromtu city in the middle of the dessert in nevada. it lasts for 7 crazy nights of drug induced trips, exotic art displays, nudity, and dust storms, all culminating with the burning of a giant wooden effigy!

it's one the craziest events a person can attend up there with a Phish It fest, and the Love Parade.

for more info visit burningman.com