This is a song I wrote called Shapes..
I've recorded guitar and bass and piano and stuff, and then I've just used some drum samples that I programmed..

Link: http://media.putfile.com/Shapes-77

Please tell me what you think..

Textures - greatest band ever
Very nice, I'm really liking this. In the intro, some of the notes sound off to me, eh I dunno. Was great when the guitar picking came in and then the rest of the song sounded good to me. I think this is a really good composition, nothing stands out too much and it makes me want to just keep listening. Good stuff, quite hard for me to find non generic and non metal songs here that I like.
Thanks guys..

Enertia: Yes, I wanted to give it some old feel, like it's a very old piano.. The reverse thing symbols going a little back in time.. Thanks for your words mate
Textures - greatest band ever
Awesome work, has a great mood to it. I wasn't too fond of how abrupt the ending was, but other than that I can't find anything to fault.

Hey thanks for the crit
This is really good. It progresses from one part to the next smoothly, and all your layers mesh together really well. On top of that, the emotion/tone/mood was really strong. Can't really find anything to complain about haha, except like someone said that it ends a bit abruptly.
Sounds great! Really well played and recorded. The instruments are mixed nicely. Really like it. Great job! Nothing to crit as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for checking mine out.