What do you guys think of Pepper? I absolutely love them. I think No Shame might be my favorite album, but eith Ashes or Ho's is my favorite song. I got Givin' It, Kona Town, In With The Old, No Shame, and Pink Crustaceans And Good Vibrations. I still need to get To Da Max - Mistakes and Outtakes, 1997-2004; how do you guys think that album is?
I heard some of there songs and i kinda liked it. Then one day i was listening to one of their live albums and the singer dissed switchfoot and some other band out of nowhere. It made me loose all the respect i had for them.
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i saw pepper in concert with slightly stoopid & the expendables, it was amazing. My favorite album is probably "in with the old," it's got so many classics, but all of the albums are great
I saw them with Slightly Stoopid in Boston last august during the Tailgate Tour '08. We brought in a half ounce, and got stooned. Pepper opened up but was far better than slightly stoopid. Everyone in the crowd was lighting up blunts, and passing them around. Security didn't care.
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i've seen them in concert a few times. Lol at the kid that was defending switchfoot..way to go.

Freshtunes, come to a concert in Colorado...specifically red rocks. the prodigious amount of herb that gets smoked is pretty amazing.
yeah their shows are sick. And the other band they probably dissed was Creed hahaha

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i like "7 weeks" for when i'm just chilling.
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