my school teacher has recording equipment in his classroom all i remember is its YAMAHA cant remember the model but its a 16 track also but we aint gotta clue how to work it.

most of u are proberbly thinking ask the teacher to do it so we did and he said we cant record our bands songs until shortly after christmas so we were gutted because we really need to record ourselves a demo to play pubs/clubs so the teacher lets us stay behind every day after school when he goes home but we usually have 2 hours after school to practice without being supervised so we are going to be really cheeky and when we are staying behind we are going to use the equipment to record ourselves but we aint gott a clue how to work it
does anybody know
is there an interactive tour on the web anywhere coz we cant see a manual

any help will do thanks.
yeah, you REALLY need a model number before anyone can help you.
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