I want to buy multi-fx. I am choosing between behringer v-amp2, line 6 pocket pod and Zoom G2. Im gonna put them into Kustom Quad amp. I will use mainly distortion (mos of all i need good hi-gain). I will also use some effects like, delay, flanger, noise gate, compressor. Which of these three will be the best one? Please help me.
get the g2 its usb compatible and (not sure if pod or vamps have this) but theres the bottoms you can push to turn the effect on or off

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I have a vamp. It has a really good price, but only a few decent amp sims and only OK effects. Fortunately, I think the American high-gain sim is reasonable (actual makes my overly bright SS Fender sound metal).

Line outputs work best plugged into a PA or power section of amp. Not so great for plugging into guitar input.

Plenty fine for headphone and bedroom practicing but wouldn't be my first choice (I'm more a fan of individual pedals instead of multi units) for anytimg else. If considering be sure to play in the store and step through the first 9 banks of presets...pretty good indication of vamp's range of capability.
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